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Provisional honour

The blood of heroes flowed through this land,
And we cannot forget that we nurtured,
All the warriors. Now we the people ask
Who are these carpetbaggers' warriors?
That venerates English government

On every street in Belfast hero's blood was shed.
What answers can they now offer our warrior dead.
The blood of our warrior dead has been washed
Into sewers by self-seeking politicians.
Those same ones who often sought succour,and
Professed to be part of the struggle.

Minders, and protectors of the people:-
What runs through the veins of these limousine
Riding warriors not our heroes blood, most likely
Their good lunch, and whatever perfidy they are waging
Against we the people who once let them carry the
Blood of our children away on regurgitated lies

What price is put on freedom when the so called warriors
Become part of the establishment tottering along on
Rotten foundations what price honour as we watch
The blood of our warriors being wasted for a paltry
Thirty shillings.

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