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YOU TWO (part II)

One older than me,
One younger…
In the middle of two lives
And our lives
Falling into pieces
….All the time
I've watched seasons change
and past affairs have made current matters
easier to handle
our hearts are stronger indeed
Thank God, times have changed

I've always been sick of the corruption enticing our lives
and blowing kisses in our ears
I've watched our holy parents weep
and our friends and families sigh
Shouting, “We all share the same bloody thing!”
But we'd tie knots around our throats
and watch devils dance around our legs

But, Thank God, times have changed

You aren't repeating the same dramatic actions
and You, you found your strength and courage-
and you have finally left what has polluted your life
And I… well it wasn't that long ago when I'd used to say
“You two fools, I love you!”
(And wonder how we came from the same family)
Rolling my eyes toward your ridiculous behaviors
Until I gradually realized I was, perhaps, worse than both of you
(Which, now, scares the heck out of me)

Thank God, times have changed
But, always, despite  the circumstances-
one thing always remained, and it  will always remain consistent-
our love, of course, for each other.

-DL 2010

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YOU TWO (part II)