~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`
`Princess Of Aloha`
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~*`DANCE OF HISTORY`*~{Repost by Request}

`Love Is In The Air`
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Love is in the Air Pictures, Images and Photos
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Dancing in the moonlight the lovers are transported to a world of their own. The moon becomes a glittering mirror-ball scattering rainbow stars to light up their cloudy ballroom. When love is in the air
all things are possible!
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SMALL Pictures, Images and PhotosYou stole into my dreams last night
With memories floating in a magical light
Your arms held out an invitation for me to see
Come to me baby and dance with me
SMALL Pictures, Images and PhotosThe moon was out with love in the air
Dancing as if we were the only ones there
I felt your whispers touch my heart before my ear
As you held me tight in bringing me near
SMALL Pictures, Images and PhotosWe danced more romantically than years ago
For now our souls entwine with a special glow
Reliving the love we shared throughout the years
Of history made in our joy, sadness and tears
SMALL Pictures, Images and PhotosA dream so real I did not want to let it go
But as the sun rose so did my hopes flow
In prayer I knelt thanking God for a dream so true
Remembering time shared when He gave me you!

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`Dedicated to all `newly`weds`,
widows, widowers
`lovers of old!

Author's Note:
Due to the tremendous replies'
of this special love poem,
I would like to say
that true love of the heart, is rare,
and when found it should be greatly appreciated
 and honored, as God has created a soul for every mate,
sometimes , for reasons we do not know
nor will ever understand, He takes a soul,
back into His heart,
but will replace that soul
with another for you to love, so if this is your
plight or gift from God, accept it honorably!

`True love is between partners,
husband and wife,
as God intended
 not to be taken
it should also be private
in love making' and
should never be written
about in poems as lust
or temptations of evil!

`love&aloha hugs` in Jesus Name!

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