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 River Within

There is a blessing as the years pass us by;
Accumulated wisdom is deposited in our soul.
Many refuse to listen to the call from within;
But if you hear, live your life from that wisdom.

It is our greatest teacher, dwelling deep within;
That river of soul quinces our thirst and hunger.
This wisdom is not only ours, but that of mankind;
Listen to that still, small voice beneath the noise.

A metamorphosis of our lives takes place whenever
We drink of the waters of this rich vein of wisdom.
Opening our hearts to receive, to change, to grow;
Emerging from our cocoon, spreading our new wings.

Find a moment of stillness amid the clamor of life;
Get as quiet as you can, it only will take a second.
Like feeling your pulse for the rhythm of your heart;
Open your soul's ears to the life changing river within.


The value of stillness can never be
replaced by high-tech noise

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