Walkin on Air

Can You Hear Me?

Obscurity undefeated,
diffusion entreated,
assertion forever stunted,
vocal utterance punted;
opaque political veils refuse to reveal uprightness:
first casualty of insatiable voracity
rebounds on the seemingly innocent,
though no such thing is real;
tiny tufts of grass bedeck
ravenous  appetite for royal blood
whence to take the fatal shot
unsuspecting of eminent death
as instant karma backlashes stark reality:
dig a grave for oneself  by murderous intent
killer-focus is Hell bent:
who listens? who cares? who dares defy fate?

Feelings of insecurity arrive late, late, late…

A lone dog urinates on a knoll of history,
a wino urinates himself on the same knoll;
life goes on towards death as usual:
children play incessantly,
blessedly ignorant of worldly reality…

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Can You Hear Me?

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