Walkin on Air

My Special Place

Here I am, Lord,
Emmanuel Ben David of Bethlehem,
all ready to be close to you:
thank you for this quiet place
where I can sit and rest at your feet;
I love to sit here and learn from you,
I love to gaze upon your face
so warm, so tender...…

Thank you for this priceless privilege
of sitting here and partaking of your words,
of hearing straight from you,
words of life so crystal clear:
God with me in you Emmanuel;
I love your words:
I drink them in,
I need your soothing waters
to quench my thirst and wash me clean;
there's such good reception
here in my favorite place
where I can tune in and fill up
with your ever-loving Holy Spirit,
your Elixir of Love!

I look back now,
and it's hard to imagine
when I didn't have this special place,
I wonder how I ever made it through my days.
The funny thing is,
you were right here all the time:
my special place was just waiting for me,
but I was too busy to notice;
but now, I'm going to keep sitting
right here in my special, favorite quiet place,
in sweet, still devotion to you…
Thank you Jesus,
you are Emmanuel, God with us!!!

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My Special Place

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