Beautiful Disaster

Go Fly A Kite (Sestina)

Let's go fly a kite
Setting aloft a painted canvas
Hold tight the binding string
As the winds carries it into the sky
Lifted higher and higher, it soars
Coaxing a smile from the lips of a child

Just like a child
That flies his first kite
My heart, like a kite, soars
Each love leaving a mark on its canvas
Each dream, a cloud in the sky
But loss severs the string

Knots in the string
Are sufficient remedies for a child
Allowing for a return to the sky
And then shall resume the flight of the kite
The colors dance along the canvas
As the kite gracefully soars

But as it soars
Fact and fiction blend like twisted string
The kite crashes down, ripping the canvas
Destroying the smile of the child
A broken heart, a broken kite
An empty sky

Rarely does it remain an empty sky
Mended kites will take flight and soar
Mended hearts like a mended kite
Will find renewed hope and straighten its strings
And with the faith of a child
The wind will once again fill the wings of canvas

And my heart, a clean slate, a fresh canvas
Will rise up to dwell with dreams in the sky
Revived hope awakens my inner child
Eyes widen watching it soar
Small hands gripping tightly the string
As subtle movements guide the kite

The magnificent kite and brightly painted canvas
Tied down by string, as to not be lost to the sky
Freely soars like the heart of a child.

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