Beautiful Disaster


She sits down on the swing
Staring at the serene scene
The pond glistens
As rays of rising sun
Reflect their radiance
Setting her sights
On a single cloud
She pushes away
From the safety
Of the sand
Into swirling uncertainty
Of a seemingly endless sky
Striving to seize
A sliver of cloud
To prove
The plethora of possibilities
When people passionately pursue
The dreams they desire
Stretching her arm
As far as she can
She scratches the surface
Of the soft and silky cloud
But fails to save
The scrapings
As they are swept up
And sent swirling
In the breeze
She stretches again
And this time, she succeeds
Seizing a small portion
Of the soft and silky cloud
All the while
Senselessly slipping
From the seat of the swing
Succumbing to
Gravity's seduction
She slides off the seat
And slams
Against solid soil
Lying in stunned silence
She opens a clenched fist
To see several silver scrapings
Satisfied with her sample
She stands to showcase
Her slivers of silver
The summation
Of seeking one's dreams
Of seeking and striving
Of struggling and sorrow
Of striving and succeeding
Instead of squandering strength
Slaving and sweating over
Seemingly simple schemes
That provide only
Senseless satisfaction.

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