Beautiful Disaster

Sestina of the Swing

Anxiously searching for a swing
That will launch her into the sky
Leaving behind a world of worry
To soar amongst her dreams
Lost in a cloud of thoughts
Closing her eyes, she'll fly

Like the birds and bees, she'll fly
Her pumping legs propel the swing  
Her mind, a mess of thoughts
Caught amid the clouds in sky
She'll find forgotten dreams
Not yet tainted by worry

So often grounded by worry
She'll once again fly
And recapture old dreams
As she sways upon the swing
Looking up to the sky
Hope infusing her thoughts

Free of negative thoughts
Free from burdensome worry
She'll be lifted higher in the sky
No longer weighed down, she'll fly
Brought to heaven on a swing
Realizing the potential of her dreams

Recapturing her dreams
Storing them safely in thoughts
Slowly she'll stop the swing
Free from the tight grip of worry
With her dreams, like wings, she'll fly
With potential, limited only by the sky

One last look at the sky
A reminder of her dreams
And her ability to fly
With hope woven in her thoughts
And rejection of worry
She doesn't need the swing

But the swing will always send her into the sky
When captured by worry and  losing sight of dreams
Keeping the swing in her thoughts, she'll once again fly

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