Beautiful Disaster


Climb aboard
My magic carpet
And I'll take you
To a whole new world
I'll reveal things
You never knew
There were to know
The hope hidden
In the twinkle
Of a star
The wish
Stored up
In a dandelion
The beauty
Found in
A common weed
If only you'll
Close your eyes
And close them tight
Feel the wind's fingers
Run through your hair
While the cloud
Kisses your cheek
Taste the sweet vapors
Of a breath of air
As you reach out
And catch a ray
Of the shining sun
We're soaring now
We've really taken off
So high up
So far away
Gaze down
At the world below
You can stay up here forever
You never have to land
Build a castle
In the sky
Made of your wildest dreams
And a handful
Of your desires
Open your eyes
To watch a bird
Gracefully glide by
Open your ears
To hear
The hum of
Human commotion
And bells of
An ice-cream truck
As is rides around below
Perhaps we should land
As the weather looks
So daunting
I think we must
This trip
Until we've had
An ice-cream cone!

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