Beautiful Disaster

Her Swing

She slowly walks
Toward the swing-set
Allowing the gritty sand
To mesh between her toes
Gripping her music
To most people
It's just an ordinary swing
But to her
It's an extraordinary thing
As she takes a seat
She shifts through
Her iPod playlist
To find a suitable
“Swinging Song”
While she begins swaying
Back and forth
Each time
Lifting herself higher
Each time
Broadening her view
She watches and observes
The way people talk
The way people walk
The way they interact
The way they react
Could she ever be
A size three
Like that girl
Lying under the tree
Could she ever get
A boy like him
One of those boys
That lives at the gym
Could she ever be
Part of the A-crowd
Would she want to be
If she were allowed
Should she change
Who she has become
To sacrifice and succumb
Would she rather be
Another clone
Another mindless drone
And as she stares off into space
Pondering the possibilities
Her parents worry
They say:
“She's alone to much”
“She needs to
Make some friends”
But what they
Don't understand
Is that she likes
To be alone
Music blaring
To drown out
The rest of the world
Lost in a world
Of her own
Swept up
On the wings
Of her dreams
She dreams
Of a happy place
Where the human race
Is full of grace
Joined in one embrace
Dreaming up
An idealistic world
Of peace
Of love
Of passion
Of understanding
Of hope
Without hate
Without crime
Without superficiality
Without indifference
Without ignorance
But as the swing begins to slow
And she's brought back
Into reality
Reassessing her surroundings
She begins to see
That the things she's dreaming of
Could never really be
So she'll stop the swing
And slowly walk away
But all the dreams
She dreamt will stay
Left on the swing
For another day

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