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Poetry Workshop

Poetry Workshop?
Nah, that's not for me,
But Cilla E-mailed
Just come and see.
Joe and Mike at the front
And one of them said
Poetry is better spoken
Than being read.
Where does it come from?
Does it float in the air?
'Cos like a slap in the face
It's suddenly there.

Oh you may have to think
And spend a little time
Juggling with the meter,
Choosing the rhyme,
But it doesn't matter
Cos there is no norm,
You choose the style
And you choose the form.
Then each one of them,
Sharp as a knife,
Recited a work and
Brought that meeting to life.

And before I knew it
I was up on my feet
Reciting myself
Following their treat.
And when it came time
For all of us to go
I couldn't stop talking
In the car to Cilla and Mo.
Poetry Workshop?
Two hours suddenly gone
I just can't wait
To get to the next one.

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Poetry Workshop