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Sig by RainStorme                            

                               6 P.M.

                         The nurse connected me
                         To an ugly machine
                         "This will take four hours,"
                         She said
                         So there I was
                         Attached to my bed
                         2:30 A.M.

                         I was still imprisoned
                         On that bed
                         Hooked up to a machine
                         That was feeding me
                         A new supply of  liquids
                         And I had to pee.

                         3 A.M.

                         I tried to call the nurse
                         But the buzzer didn't work!
                         What was I to do?
                         Scream out loud, NURSE!!!
                         And begin to CURSE@@###%%!!!???
                         Not a solution
                         For a lady like me.

                         I could take my machine
                         And walk to the front desk
                         Where the nurses would see me
                         And listen to my plea
                         I WOULDN'T SCREAM!!!!

                         Good idea, I thought
                         We could go for help
                         The machine and me.
                         UH OH!!!
                         Couldn't do that either
                         The machine was hitched up
                         To my roomate's, you see.
                         And that poor sick woman
                         Slept peacefully.

                         6 A.M.

                         The sun was rising.
                         I pushed the "operator" button
                         On my phone
                         In came the nurse
                         "What's wrong?" she said
                         I (sort of) yelled,
                         "Get me out of this bed!"

                         The nurse unplugged me
                         I was free again
                         No more machine from hell!
                         We were done, and all was well.

                         She handed me a little silver bell.
                         She smiled, "The buzzer is not working,"
                         "Just ring this bell and all will be well."

                         I thankfully got of bed
                         And walked to the window.
                         But what did I see?
                         Two men carrying a covered body
                         Into a hearse.
                         Oh my God, could it get any worse!!!

                         That truly was a night in Hell
                         But miracle of miracles
                         The next day I was well!

                                                 May 3, 2010

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