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Friendship is precious Pictures, Images and Photos

                             I have several dear friends, you see
                             Who are moody as can be.

                             Worried faces frowning
                             And eyes wet with tears
                             They have long lives ahead of them
                             But they're wasting away precious years.

                             Friends, my message to you is sunny and bright
                             Instead of thinking about your sad plight
                             Plan a happy day and magical night.!!!

                             Smile for me (:-) (:0) (:O)
                             Please, please please???!!!
                             Put my poor old heart at ease.

                             Because when you guys are sad
                             I feel blue
                             And that's not fair
                             To me or to you.

                                                       May 4, 2010

                        *P.S. This is not the whole story
                        Of course we must cry
                        (Please read some of my poems
                        At times I wanted to die).  
                        But God is always with me
                        Holding my hand
                        I know it's happened to you
                        So you understand.
                        I trust my life to Him every day
                        And miracle of miracles
                        Our dear God
                        Takes the pain away!

                        Please pray to Him
                        And in a little while
                        The tear will disappear
                        And again you will smile (:-)

          I love my friends so much, and I will cry with you when you need me,
          Many times I have asked you to cry with me or to give me a hug. But,
          dear ones, I want to smile with you too!
                                          Love you,
                                          May 5, 2010

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