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 Love Without Borders

Hearts uniting across distance and circumstance;
Our meeting was destiny, never was it by chance.
Poetry brought our souls into instant friendship;
From there a consistent abiding love was a short trip.

Love without borders is the gift given to each of us;
No need to analyze or dissect it, it simply is thus.
Enduring like a rock,  our  love standing for all time;
You are the inspiration for many a poetic rhyme.

Reality we know, yet this is not a fantasy either;
Don't ask questions, just sit and take a breather.
Feel the embrace of my words and sense my smile;
You are my soul friend, I will walk with you every mile.

Love without borders, destiny is achieved completely;
Our lives, our souls, intertwined together so sweetly.
I know within whenever you need me, our souls are one;
Across distance and circumstance til our days are done.


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