once upon a time

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Let's fly back to before we needed or wanted to grow up.
Back to the days when I strolled Black mountain,
Ran free in the bog meadows
They put me in school and I wasted my time

They should have left me to run free.
All of my life shaped by moments
Spent alone contented, and at peace.
Roaming Divis or playing in the bog meadows

Now flying down along this freedom road
I cannot forget people, and places mostly gone now, or lost in the mists of time
Holiday months spent joyfully on farms.
Time spent in school.
I couldn't understand multiply, subtract, or divide.
I simply didn't want to know.

I would rather run free amongst the beauty of the hillside and meadow
My saving grace was the boy scouts, Clonard confraternity.
And then McCance's Glen with its' dark flowing waters.

Wonderment days walking homewards, elated soaked to the skin
Simple times.
Should have left me to run free

Never wanted to grow up
But of course I did.
Accepted responsibility
Didn't do too bad
All in - just did the best I could.
Now, nearing the end of my time,
How I wish that once more I was running free
Over Divis, and bog meadow.

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