once upon a time

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There were places I walked,
Left footprints behind.
Though some places I arrived at,
No sign that I was ever there.
Perhaps others noticed an imprint,
I should have paid attention to times swift passing.
The footprints I could have left might have given
Reason to living, instead playing games with life.
I didn’t understand Gods got his own plan.
None I would ever understand.
I simply lived life as it came at me.
Nothing to lose or, so I thought,
it’s all been decided.
Part of Gods grand plan though,
I should have reached out my hand.
Helped another soul along even if
They were not going my way.
Then any footprints I left behind
would have been defined, in peoples minds
cruising always in their hearts
I should have known Gods got his plan.
It might have helped if I had remembered,
It’s his master plan not mine.

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