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What Is Spiritual Death

What is spiritual death
Well it is basically
Being tortured infinitely
Without end
In a place where there are no ends
And no new beginnings

Since the spirit
That we all have inside our body
Can never die
Once born it must exist
So the scary thing about it is this

That when we die
Our spirits come out from our bodies
As our bodies waste away and perish
Into the earth from once
Adam came from

Yet the spirit lives on
Just as the angels are also spirits
Or to say
Some are administering spirits
Therefore since they being spirits
Always exist

Look at Gabriel
Who stands in the presence of God
In the Old Testament talking to Daniel
Who saw the visions of God

Then in the New Testament
Same Gabriel conversing with Mary
The future human mother of Jesus
So yes the spirit is immortal

The souls that we have
Are just life history
Even better to say
A mere breath of life

A breath of life of our each and individual spirit
Inside each of our bodies
Sometimes our spirits are called ghosts
Even the Disciples of Christ believed in them

Since when they saw Christ walking on water
They thought that He was a ghost
So yeah the ghost and spirit
Is pretty much the same
Just as Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost is

So therefore since God has a Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost per say
That exists always and forever
Starting with Old Testament
The anointing of Moses, David and the Prophets
And even till this very day
In the New Testament
Holy Spirit came upon Mary
And she miraculously conceived a child
Named Him Jesus Christ

Holy Scripture teaches us one thing
And that is that our spirit is immortal
And that there are two deaths
First is the physical
That is when we stop breathing in this life
And our bones decompose
Once buried unto the earth

And then is a second death
That is when
If we are not forgiven by God
Through Jesus Christ
He's only begotten Son

Then we are left in the darkness
Gnashing our teeth
Weeping in tears
Forever to be tortured by the evil spirits
In the depths of hell

Waiting to fall into the lake of fire
Just as we have volcanoes
Here on earth filled with lake of (fire) lava
To remind us that even here
Such a lake of (fire) lava exists

So in eternity
If not forgiven
Then we end up in that lake of (fire) lava
For all of our infinite existence
Burning in pain and anguish
And yet not dying

That is called a second death
A spiritual death
Since the spirit never rests
But always feels the effects of death

Or to say
The human spirit infinitely feels
Death side effects
And yet is never dying

Hence the spirit is immortal
And since Satan is also a spirit
And he is immortal
Since we all see the evil on this earth
From the beginning of time

We know who is responsible
It is him and his 3rd of fallen angels
Who are also spirits
And many of us
Who fall victim to them

Voluntarily or involuntarily
Yet hell was prepared by (God) Elohim for them
Since they are spirits and forever immortal
Just as we are also spirits inside of our bodies
And forever immortal

Therefore many of people's spirits
Will have to partake in pain and torture
What only was prepared and in stored for them
And not for the people
Even back then
When Moses and Aaron fell unto their faces before (God) Elohim
And said Oh Lord God of the spirits of all Mankind
Have mercy on Israel
Your own people
Please don't destroy them

So spiritual death is
Living in pain and not dying
For all existence
For all eternity
Being forever immortal
Then in the end after the Judgment Day
When every knee will bow
Before God and His only Begotten Son
Then the damned
Will get the bodies of eternal damnation

Forever left in the darkness
In the place of torture
Eventually falling into the lake of ( lava) fire
And forever burning
And never dying
That is called the spiritual death

A spiritual death
Since you can never erase a human spirit
For it always exists
If not in this realm
Then in the realm of eternal abyss

In the place
Where the torture never dies
In the lake of fire
In the depths of hell
In the realm of Hades

Prepared by (God) Elohim
For those that practice lawlessness
While living in this world
And yet still denying the power of Father, Son, Holy Spirit
The power of Holy Trinity

©2000 - 2019 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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