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Industrial Relations

The boss is a miserable bastard since
Somebody screwed up his life
When he went home unexpected
To find this bloke screwing up his wife.

His secretary tried to step in
After years of unrequited lust
But his swift rebuttal
Turned all her hopes to dust.

And she's winding up the foreman
Who wants to get inside her keks
So she leads him on unmerciful
And he's like a mooning wreck.

So he's kicking off on the shop floor
Giving all the blokes bloody hell
And they're all so brassed off
They're picking on each other as well.

At the bottom  of the kicking order's
The bloke who cleans and makes the tea
Which, for my life's past sins
Just happens to be me.

So the world keeps on turning
But there's hope of a quieter life;
It seems it's on the card that
The boss is going back to his wife.

And the boss's secretary,
Perhaps in final despair,
Sorted out the foreman
In the boss's office chair.

I just accept their kicks with dignity
And none of them ever even thinks
I get my quiet revenge sometimes
By peeing in their canteen drinks.

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Industrial Relations