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 Elsie`s Poetry



I know that my leaving you has hurt you so
But remember this wasn`t my choice you know,
I had to go sometime, even if you weren`t ready,
But get a grip on life, remain firm and steady.


I`ll never be far from you at any one time,
I will always be yours and you will be mine,
It`s like I`ll only be next door, or so to speak,
But you can never come and knock and take a peek.


When you think you feel a hair tickle your face
It`ll be me planting a kiss leaving no trace,
That`s to let you know I love you with all my heart
The gap between us is wide but we`re never apart.


When you want to see me, just close your eyes tight
Think of me, say a prayer, then wish with all your might,
I will come to you as I was before, with a smile,
I will comfort you, tho` it may be for a short while.


When, without a breeze, your hair seems to stir,
It`s only me running my fingers thru` your hair,
It will be, to you, a sure and simple sign,
To let you know I think you`re doing fine.


When you`re listening to the rustle of the trees,
It`s really my voice being carried by the breeze,
To tell you I am always watching over you
To lift your spirits so that you never feel blue.


When you think there is someone standing behind you,
You turn to see no one, but if only you knew
It`s me, come to hold your hand, `til you find your feet,
I know it`s hard, but the pain in your heart you`ll beat.


When you feel that proverbial tap on the shoulder,
It`s me telling you to stand tall and be much bolder,
It`s like a rap on the knuckles, you and I must chat,
I won`t let you sell yourself short, your worth more than that.


I`ll walk the same path with you that you choose in life,
I`ll try to steer you far from any strife,
But if you choose a path that is rocky and you fall,
Remember, I`ll help you, my name is all you have to call.


I`m never really far from you, so never ever fret,
Close your eyes and think of me if my face you may forget,
If you should ever stumble, you`ll feel my arm around your waist,
I`ll put you back on your feet, live your life don`t let it go to waste.


I`m happy here with family and friends that I once knew,
It`s heaven here, what they said was all true,
The colours are bright and peace and harmony reign,
But the one main factor is, `that there`s no pain`.


So come to my grave and bring flowers if you may,
Tho` you visit a while, you know you can`t stay,
Return to the living and forget all the pain,
We`ll be in each other`s heart `til we meet again.

 Copyrightę Elsie  

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170

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