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Suicide Science

The earth gives us food water
air sunlight pure energy
We drill and spill her
Dump raw untreated sewage
All forms of toxins gush into her waterways
We clear cut our lushest jungles
and forests We give off radiation sickness with
nuclear power plant melt downs
A day of reckoning is now upon us
Unatural and natural disasters famine
and drought are
here upon us
King-sized new
horrors loom large on our horizon
We are flawed while She is perfect
Bridges buckle and fall
 Cars crash
Guns and bombs kill
Dams and levees don't hold
allowing the free flow of rushing waters into new and old
flood plains
Tornados typhoons earthquakes thunderstorms hail storms
pestilence Frogs with extra limbs no limbs Dying coral reefs
The earth is clammering for our immediate attention
What atrocious houseguests we are
Mother Earth is fighting back
With holes in the ozone layer
 glaciers melting
Oceans pocketed with dead zones
Can't you hear our mother earth groaning  
Are we a challenging her survival
We aren't the incessant challenge some believe
we are to her

Mother Earth has been in residence for over three
billion years
She will continue doing her arithmetic
She will find a way to get through to us
one way or another
The Earth shall live on
endeavoring to persevere
long after we have been banished
Or we do the deed for her

Gary Bercu

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Suicide Science