once upon a time


Standing now at the abyss
Having heard all the lies
Telling us we can have it all.
Those laughing times when the
Workers twirled thinking they had it all.

And didn’t realise they were listening
To knaves laughing telling them the price
Is right, £100,000, one million, one billion
Grabbing at life we forgot
the price is rarely right.
Dust bowls of money blinding lives.

We live in capitalist times not aware that
Mr Heep is squeezing our hearts telling us
Dance, twirl, its all Big brother lies.
Forgetting lockouts, handouts, lookout
Its happening, dust bowls of money blowing in plain sight.  

Look to your past, there is no
New deal in sight, only an eastern promise.
And knaves called bankers.
Laughing and robbing our lives

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