once upon a time


Thug screams out of mordant minds
Do this, do that,are you stupid.
Please peaceful lady asks- what do you want

Will you not help, screams spew out
Of thugs sightless blank mind- do what.
He forms a fist, peaceful lady cringes

Later he curls up against: - which he expects.
complaisant body peaceful is cringing, fearful
Then suddenly peaceful lady is full of rage

Thinking if I rage he might harm the child..
I shall stay flexible my God, who is
This thug I am married to

Should i steal quietly away into the night
Look for refuge, forget the broken promises
Then, she thinks, I’m not a thief in the night

He is has always been I shall walk proudly
Away hold my head high. I’m the most important
Person not him- my child, and I we will survive

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