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 Reflections of My Heart

Chapter 85 ~ The Duel For The Gold Pen ~ The Battle Resumes or Not...

The Duel For The Gold Pen
The Battle Resumes
Or Not...
Chapter 85

Cast of Characters

Its been three years since this battle began its rage
with a mixture of pens clashing like lightening
with a thunderous display. The thieving, now known
as, The Great Canadian Buzzard is determined to
take the Mouth of the South's prized Gold Pen.
The Mouth put out one call and  as in the past
the Reno Angel came running.
There are many faces of the Buzzard,
but let it be known here and now
the one he wears best is being our friend.
While the battles are ferocious,
friends we will be till the end
just as surly as the
Gold Pen does and always will
reside in the beautiful South.

Now it has been rumored
that our dear friend Buzz
was not happy being a woman...
I understand he turned pretty
nasty, mean and ugly...
Not my fault
if the sorry sack of feathers
cant take a joke.

Start the Player

Ahhh Mr. Buzzard we meet again...
Somehow I knew when you cried Uncle
it was not an honorable gesture on your part
It was only to get Angel and I off your butt
I have a feeling you'll be up to your old tricks
in no time at all. I have ordered a large supply
of cheese to go with the whine you will continually
serve when we get the best of you.
The gold your eyeing is Mine.

After the last adventure with Mr. Buzzard
and his cry of Uncle,
to protect my precious pen from any one else
that may try to steal it
I melted it down into gold coins,
but now that he is back I must turn it
back into its original form...
My Prized Pen.

Start the player

All right you moldy sorry sack of feathers
covering a non consumable carcass you have
just 30 seconds to back away from that pen
or we will drop you where you squat. How
foolish of you to think you could take it
from me. Angel  ALWAYS has my back door
and we will fight you to the bitter end to
protect that precious Gold Pen...

Start the player

 Oh Please... You think a little temper is going
to make us back off. Just calm your little ruffled
feathers down. You have to remember in order
to get the pen you must excel with your own
writing pen... The Quest if you can remember
is to win the battle with words and graphics of talent
not by stealing what does not belong to you...
So you just scoot along now and see if you can get
something with some talent to remain within the battle.

Well our feathered friend we reach an end
Before this new duel has begun?
The stage is all set and we took the bet
But it seems already the Mouth and Angel has won

As you will read below
There may be an end to this show
Mouth's patience is wearing mighty thin
You wanted to play ... Where are you today
Not one hen-scratch from your rusty pen

Illness and death and all of the rest
Brought need for some laughter and blow
Tis a sorry shame there may be no game
Because the great Buzzard won't show

Dear Mouth Of The South our friends on the run
And of course we all will be friends till the end
But if he cannot find time to play
Perhaps sadly today
You must end this before its begun

Bawk ... Bawk... Bawk... Bawk...
I have heard say Buzzard taste like chicken

Your really going to leave this challenge
looking like this Buzzard Man?


Oh my Dear Buzzard
my patience you insist to try
Well trust me on this
Uncle wont be you next cry

You know my tongue
can be soft or sharp
It can leave you to bleed
or sing like a harp

What is your deal
that you make me wait
Is it the power
well that's an over rate

Power over the Mouth
well how absurd
Everyone knows
your such a ..... Bird

I was led to believe
it was a duel you did want
Well this lady aint waiting
while you tease and taunt....

So the time has come
Mouth sings a leave'n song
Due to your lack of interest
from this duel the Mouth is gone.

Luv Ya
The Mouth

Earth Prayers


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