Straight To The Heart

Visiting Heaven

I often wonder what would happen
if I could spend one day visiting Heaven
To get just a glimpse of where I'd go
when my eternal life is given

Where would I go first
as I walked down the street of gold
Would I visit with the newly arrived
or the ones from days of old

As I come closer to that city
would I pass through the gates of pearl
Or would I choose to watch the skies
where all the stars were hurled

Would I make my way to the banks of Jordan
and join in with our family to sing
Or would I spend time with the angels
and hear the choir's hand bells ring

Would I look for those from Bible days
spoken of throughout our histories
Or would I go straight to God
to get answers to all life's mysteries

I would want to see Mary
to say I'm sorry for the things that were done
And then I'd want to thank her
for she bore God's only Son

As my day seems to be nearing its end
and I'm looking out over the Crystal Sea
I realize what I truly want visiting Heaven
is to see Jesus because He died for me
May 26, 2010 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Visiting Heaven

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