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 Memorial Day

Political polarization has left us separated;
Rallying support to the left or to the right.
Leaving America as a Nation of extremes;
But I wish sometimes we just wouldn't fight.

A bleeding heart liberal embracing a hawk;
Seeing a conservative find good in Obama.
Feeling unity return to our United States;
Not always agreeing,  but without the drama.

On Memorial Day, bow your head and think;
Remember the men and women who did serve.
Open you heart, your eyes, and then your arms;
Give the patriots who gave all what they deserve.

The United States of America, if you lean
To the right, the left, or somewhere in the middle.
Remember the first words of our name, the United;
Not like Nero, letting our nation burn while we fiddle.

It is Memorial Day, a time to truly honor our heroes;
Those who gave all, who freely surrendered their lives.
It is our turn to honor them all, unite with our brothers;
Unite, and do our part to ensure that our nation survives.


Politics should never override patriotism.
Let us honor our fallen heroes with a
united voice this Memorial Day.

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