once upon a time

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It is a long, lonely time
Since I have seen her smile
The smile I cherished
that spoke of love, and caring

Alas, today my lovely girl has lost her smile
That fickle road of life we stride has taken its' toll.
As we all in youthful arrogance were invincible
She has arrived at fates doleful door, and heard the bell toll

It is a hard, hard time to smile
When you accept your moment of leaving has arrived  
Though she states it gives her freedom to look backwards,
 and forwards at a life well lived

Then at that she smiles,and sheds a tear, not in regret
But in thanks for all those good times of love, and peace
And the reality that she would change nothing

Now close your eyes and smile with "a lady"
Remember her as she slips away into God's embrace
Knowing she left behind a legacy,of a life well lived.

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