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 Peaceful Harbor

I find myself anchored now in a peaceful harbor;
Rocking with the tide, protected from the storms.
Gentle waves lapping at my bow, stillness reigns;
As the sun sets colorfully into the western sky.

Rest for the weary sailor, sweet dreams tonight;
The storms of the high seas are but a memory.
Relaxation, restoration, shore call for some fun;
Releasing the tensions accumulated while at sea.

Surveying the horizon in the early morning light;
Searching for a sign, seeking the proper timing.
The crew is mustered on deck, awaiting orders;
Anchor's aweigh, my hardy lads, anchor's aweigh.

Hoisting the sails, we tack into the open seas;
Our next leg of this mighty adventure continues.
What danger awaits us over the western horizon?
Full sail ahead, until the next peaceful harbor.


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