once upon a time 

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Needle plunging downwards.

Never able to cope with living

Unable to be at peace with anyone, not even yourself.

Selfish promises, broken dreams.

Heroin nights are all that matter

Closed doors,love for full needles.

Stumbling through empty rooms.

Lover's promise plunging downward in one chaotic act

Embracing pain as heroin dreams come to life.

Doors crashing shut.

Coldness filling your heroin love filled night.

Reminding you he, she, has fled, taken flight into life.

Leaving you slumped in a filthy armchair.

Plunging needle into vein  on another lonely

sick, pain wracked night> Believing drug is loves

True promise. Forgetting that limbo lies,

Between heaven, and hell

You, you’re dying, crying into

life’s last dark heroin, filled night.

pain and dreams dominates,  you think

Of self. Wishing for one more fix.

Suddenly the cold spectre of death rushes in.

On your own, the love of the fix

carries you beyond this life

needle jamed in arm, your testimony.

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