once upon a time

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He is, she is
What? How dare we make assumptions.
How can we know anyone's thoughts, dreams,
Hopes, and aspirations? yet we do!
Who are we to assume., how can we know?

The heart and soul of everyone.
Or do we play that game?
You know the game of 'I bet you he is or she is,
most certainly, Will do this, or that'.
Make easy assumptions, all totally wrong.

Though our concept of being right strokes our inflated egos.
We assume the worst in others.
Safer to assume and harder to be part of living decently
Let's just assume.

Pontificate about people
Nice, safe mind numbing way to live.
Just assume the worse about other people.
We can't be as bad as that!

Look at that bunch of idiots.
I wonder if any assumptions are being made about us?  
Of course not.....
Safe assumption. I think not.

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