A Synthetic Soul

Owner of My Heart

I woke up this morning with you on my mind
another lonely sunrise without you by my side
Just wishing I was near to hold you, looking into your eyes
Telling you how my love is true, remembering that smile.

So many dark and lonely nights I shouldn't have spent away
I've laid in bed and wondered why so many things I cannot change
No matter how I pass the time, I'm waiting for that day
To show you why we've weathered such sleet, hail, and rain.

Knowing this adversity is only one of the many we have faced
I'm convinced more than anyone, that we have what it takes
To make it through this trial at hand, only to emerge
Stronger than we were before, because our love is more than words.

Even though this moment now the future is unclear
each day we're one day closer, So try to have no fear.
Knowing every time the sun rises and every time it sets
That you've been the Owner of my heart since the very first time we met.

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