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 Three Cheers for the Class of '51

An occasional breeze blows,
temporarily clearing my aging
mind where memories of yesteryear
still dance beyond the reach of time.

Places that will never change in my mind's eye:
the old covered bridge over flat creek,
Saturdays at the Uptown theater,
Gooberbugers at the Wheel Inn,
Baseball at Liberty Park and
Teentown dancing in the dark.

Everyone here tonight remembers
those teenage days of delight.
Now in the twilight of our times
many are gone but they forever
will be in our thoughts and minds.

Yes, sixty years is now history.
The Class of 51 will always remember
the halls at Smith Cotton High, now so long past.
Those memories are cherished and forever will last.

So my classmates, tip your glass
and once more give three
loud cheers for the'51 class.

Jackie R. Kays
Dedicated to all the members of the
Smith Cotton Class of 51.

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