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Years before they left the safety of home in the east to settle the west
they looked forward to the new land believing for the best

The trail was harsh without mercy for the weak
traveling across rivers - lakes and creeks

Cruel weather - years of work and woes
wind - rain - snow all took their toll

A stone fireplace with an earthen hearth
A reminder of her pioneer's early start

On the mantle not much was left of the home that once was
a tarnished candle holder with a broken globe and a chipped crystal vase

The blue willows dishes once did warmed the room so bright
were gone not a place setting in site

Where was the pewter shining in the firelight's warm gleam
carried with love from back in the east to help fulfill their dream

Over on a high ridge a new home stands
built and cared for with loving hands

crisp white curtains in the breeze  flutters
covering glass windows with green shutters

On rolling hills cattle roam
inside love abides in this pioneer's new home

She still visits the home down the way
loving its earthen hearth with its stone fireplace

Times were not easy for her and her family
constant hardships were always there

 Laughter and kisses had filled each of the rooms
fragrant as the rose bush by the door full of pink blooms


Their hair was turning gray
Their children were grown and living not far away

The years raced by so fast it was almost a blur
Memories of the earthen hearth were stored treasures to her

Blue willow and pewter she carried from her mother's home with care
were heirlooms she would love through the years as special and rare

Kathy Collier  - 6 − 1010    reworked 3 − 2012

Art at top - bluewillow-wildroses - Kathy Collier
Borders - wild roses - Kathy Collier
Clip art - wildrose - Kathy Collier  
Sampler made and Gail Gilliam




Music - Dances With Wolves Theme -  John Barry - Composer

Kathy Collier




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