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 A Message To You

This poem has been specifically wrote for a competition and posted on here for you all to read.
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A Message To You

Someone somewhere in the darkest night
Sits scribbling a letter under candle light,
Scrawling a message that means so much,
To seal in an envelope with a loving touch.

Someone somewhere has a message to say,
Writing this letter is the only way,
To explain how they feel and how much it hurts,
Writing is easier than actually speaking the words.

Someone somewhere is opening their heart,
Describing the pain of you being apart,
A quiet thought means so much more,
They could write and write for ever more.

Someone out there is hurting inside,
With a fake smile they push it aside,
Underneath the smile the pain goes on aching,
At the thought of you never re awaking.

Someone out there sends the letter afloat,
Hid in a bottle, threw out of a boat,
Hope you receive the letter and that you can see,
The person writing this letter is to you from me.

Vicki Wroe, 20 (C)

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