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          MY NEW   APPLE

Computers Down Pictures, Images and Photos

                            PART ONE:
                            The Dell on my desk will have a much-needed rest
                            And I will escape from that miserable pest!

                            It is true that sometimes Dell
                            You have served me very well          
                            But other times I screamed at you,
                            "Crazy mixed-up computer
                            You should wind up in Hell!"
                            Your technicians in India tried to please
                            But they rarely could put my mind at ease.
                            "Sir," I would beg, "What did you say?
                            I cannot hear you; you are so far away."
                            PART II:                        
                            "An Apple for the teacher."
                            "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away."
                            I'm getting my own Apple tomorrow
                            To keep me virus-free in every way!

                            I can't wait to get my fingers on those keys
                            And marvel at a screen that does not freeze!

                            Now I can travel
                            And take with me
                            My own creations
                            For company.

                            So please invite me and I'll come to your house
                            With my pretty new Apple
                            And its little grey mouse. (:-)

                                                June 11, 2010

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