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The Family Dog Cartoon 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
                              Yes, it's true that we are family
                              Goodolesal, Faron, Mr. B. and me.
                              Though two of us are really quite old
                              Our hearts are fashioned of Solidgold.

                              We even have a dog, you see
                              And this magnificent dog
                              Loves to dance with me!
                              When he stands on his hind legs
                              This dog is very tall
                              And I don't mind at all
                              Although I'm really quite small.

                              My adopted daughter Goodolesal
                              Is also small
                              However, we never ever make a fuss
                              Just because Faron and Mr. B
                              Are bigger than us.    

                              So when you're looking to create a family
                              Poetrypoem is the place to be.
                              And if you love to strut and prance
                              Please join us and the dog in our family dance! (:+)

                                                          June 11, 2010

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