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Whenever the fragrance of honeysuckle tickles my nose;
Any thoughts of loneliness I have instantly transpose.
For I remember you, and your sweet loving embrace;
I think of your intensity, yet also of your flowing grace.

Whenever I run out in the countryside for my health;
This fragrance make me aware of your friendship's wealth.
Simple, yet so very elegant; sweet, but so wickedly wild;
Your modesty generates a power, you have me beguiled.

Walking into destiny's sunset, following the path laid out;
The dawn of the new day rises; in the sun I have no doubt.
Short shadows are always cast under the noon time sky;
I ask no question, no reasoning's, there is nothing to deny.

My thoughts are focused, my heart is full of joyful songs;
I never have a question where my full allegiance belongs.
The bubbling up from my heart makes me want to chuckle;
These feelings rush from the fragrance of the honeysuckle.



The fragrance of honeysuckle captures me while on a
run in the countryside, making me think of my sweetie.

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