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life as a candle

Can you imagine life,life as its made,life as its dismantled.                    Can you see the similarities in our lives in that in which of a candle.                   A candle is created by man just so  are we.                        You put a flame to a candle,and it burns.           The essence of life is Created. But the fumes from a candle as its burning can tell if its gone be loved by some,and by others hated as like us.      As you see a candle burn we watch its life pass by.        So sad to think that like us the candle cries and we never pick up a tissue to wipe the hot tears from its eyes.                          But the flame of life in us and that of a candle burns on, oh yes burns on.                            But if you take the air away we both suffocate and like all living things                 the flames of life goes away

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