Walkin on Air

Ancient Annie


      Silently ever so silently slight stirrings in your soul belies calmness
      displayed on your usual taut pokerface gnarled with anger-scowls and an
      unseemly lone dreadful wart reflecting some sort of abrupt defiance that
      never really achieved the desired effect one might have surmised wanted
      to obscure the irrefragable facts that ugliness can be most apt and hence
      intriguing when digested appropriately in relation to the spacetime norm
      offered by ground reality we encounter here on our death-valley journey
      of course those years have not been too kind all around when one thinks
      about bygones and the painful memories elicited contemplating loveless
      dramas in banal sequences which have dominated your otherwise so boring
      existence gushed from fate flowed awry only to shipwreck on the shoals
      of your vacant mind void of imagination or creative impetus just simply
      vegetating maintained by the current of routine impulses sent from this
      encompassing environment imposed by the insane-asylum where society

      locked you up in a prison of their own design ethnically cleansing elected
      politically correctness but you never really understood any of their deceit
      and I'm so unable to transmit anything of intrinsic value to your conscious
      awareness that I only give you whatever love I have left over after being
      scrutinized by authorities that prevail and thus dictate my social conduct
      to concur with the insatiable megalomania infesting their political egoism
      presented as uplifting promises of prosperity with progress and thus peace

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Ancient Annie

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