Walkin on Air

Bequeathed Honor

Surely I wist it not;
yet stars, planets and a peeping moon
knew all along
the running feet now traversing
Earth's deep, deep stone forest
shod with shoes of willingness,
dancing to danger
while trees and lichen moss applaud,
carry a mighty warrior to unending battle.

Not much is left anymore
of a once great and magnificent land
where eagles flew, where wildlife roamed,
where fishes frolicked and oceans foamed,
where air was clean, and crisp, and sweet:
where a stolen kiss
convulsed the mighty inspiring both young and old
this ancient story of bravery is told.

Beset on many sides
by selfrighteous lust and expediency,
since birth I've seen wanton hate and destruction:
no longer can I keep silent or stand idle by!

Nature's wrath I command
in  just retribution to entangle Earth's foes:
a fearsome double edged sword I carry
to my enemy's dark heart,
a helmet of truth, life and love,
chainmail of virtue under my vest,
a cummerbund of uprightness winds my waist
and ensures the birthright meant for me.

Once again sounds the horn of Kivimetsän Druid:
echoes throb through crowns of trees and bush,
lonely tones of long forgotten song
emits in painful quanta hitch hiking on
swarms of birds and insects: flow in fluid
motion swiftly approaching faces flush
with fearsome anticipation:
will this time spell annihilation?

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Bequeathed Honor

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