Walkin on Air

Love never dies or fails

Well here you are
your spirit safe and sound,
but your body's in trouble
this time around:
yet we do not really know
what or when will be
the will of God in Jesus to see.

He is in your heart
he'll never leave,
mind you I don't want to deceive;
Jesus might just need you
to come and stay with him there
rather than being sick down here.

Sure he can heal you
if that is the best;
still, maybe to others you are  his test:
do they believe, do they trust?
More can be done from Heaven by the just...

Allow me to suggest a simple prayer,
deliver it directly from where
you lie on your back looking at him;
simply say: 'Dear Jesus, you want me?
I'm here for you to take;
please do it swiftly so hearts don't break.
Should my time not be for to depart,
kindly heal me; I'll do my part
to shine your love to all around
to comfort and let truth abound.

Whatever happens, help me to trust in you,
let my friends and loved ones in on it too:
then all together we'll find the peace
that brings us power to make pain cease. Amen...'

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Love never dies or fails

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