words ever flowing/pieces of me

inner eye

the burn is on
everything's gone
nothing's the same
that one day is coming soon baby

right or wrong
the time has come
actually, it's been past due for a while
so bring it on
tomorrow's much too late

the shelter has been shaken
by the by
pollution is cruisin'
passing through each mind
it's what they plug into
read the words
time has come
they've come undone
now a greater force will work
much easier
through the empty vessels

one by one
we have to form
we have to unite
the ride is coming to take our life
so hold on tight
look for signs
I'll be with you soon

the sacrament of the lesser angels
leading humanity by a lie
the torment of the twisted minds
worshipping money
someone will pay dearly for this

those that follow smiling
will cast a shadow larger than their own life
to be consumed

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inner eye

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