Straight To The Heart

My Son

There's a sea that flows through Heaven
it's calm and crystal clear
I imagine family on the banks
gathering with ones they hold dear

Those who've gone on before us
and those who have newly arrived
Are gathered at the crystal sea
waiting for those still alive

The reunions they must be having now
as they meet on that distant shore
We can only imagine in our minds
till the day our own spirit soars

We will mount up on wings as eagles
we will walk on the street of pure gold
Finally seeing our family and friends
all of them the young and the old

We'll see all the Saints in glory
those from days gone by
Rejoicing with the angels forever
and never a tear will dim the eye

When we walk through the gates of pearls
never again will we be alone
For Jesus will be there to meet us
and take us straight to God's throne

He will stand us before His Father
I died for their sins, He will say
God will welcome us home as His children
For today it's judgment day

As we stand before the Father
we will answer for all we have done
There's a price we will pay for each of our days
But God will say, It is finished, your debt was paid by My Son

June 26, 2010 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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My Son

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