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 Lemonade Stand

Where are the enterprising youngsters;
Taking to the streets on hot summer days?
Selling mixtures of fresh squeezed lemons,
Sugar, water, and ice cubes; refreshing.

Is a dime here and there no longer a thrill;
No longer is it worth their time out in the sun?
I remember fondly the thirsty kindly neighbors;
Sweating, mowing their lawn, needing a drink.

Are video games in the air conditioned houses;
Allowances so high, thus making this seem silly?
I smile warmly, remembering those days in the heat;
Manning the lemonade stand out on our street.

Cleaning up, making a dollar or so clear profit;
Then it was off to the city pool,  quarters in hand.
A hot dog from the concessions couldn't be beat;
Along with a drink and a chocolate candy treat.

It made it more enjoyable buying with my money;
Earned through honest labor, making my own money.
Wonderful lessons learned under the summer sky;
Dreaming the American dream in my lemonade stand.


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