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I walked down the long hall to her room in the nursing home
Praying all the way
That my dear friend Evelyn
Would still be alive today.

Evelyn, you see
Is ninety-three
And she's the closest thing to a Mama
That anyone could ever be.

When I visited her five days ago
Evelyn was deathly ill
Suffering from pneumonia
That could very well kill
One much younger than Evelyn
And how I would have cried
If I stepped into an empty room
And discovered she had died.

But thank you God
Because to my surprise
Sitting in her wheelchair
Was my smiling Evelyn
Dressed in pajamas
That matched her bright blue eyes!

I had brought her a music box
And I wrote her a letter
I said,
"I love you Evelyn
Please get better."

I told her stories about Mama
And in a little while
Evelyn forgot her pain
And began to smile! (:+)

My Mama who died many years ago
Is watching over us from Heaven above
And I know she's happy because
She taught her daughter how to love.

Evelyn Sterngart is the widow of a World War II veteran
and a patient at The New Jersey Memorial Home for
Disabled Veterans, where I teach a writers' workshop. She
is a gifted writer and you can read her work at
poetrypoem.com/EvelynSterngart. She can't wait to come
back to our class again. Please say a prayer for her.
July 3, 2010
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