Straight To The Heart

My Aunt, My Friend

Dedicated to my special friend, Aunt Janie

She's a lady, she's a friend
she's been around me from my start
Troubled times and triumphant years
she's always been here in my heart

In my struggles I could call her
or just drop by and knock on the door
She always welcomed me with open arms
and mended the place where my heart was tore

With tenderness she always listened
and with a gentle heart she'd understand
Filled with compassion she sat with me
and through her courage she helped me stand

She treated me as one of her own
giving me the best of what she had
Not of silver or of gold
but of all she said and all she did

She shows me faith to wait on God
she shares her love for who He is
She shows me hope for what can be
and for all she teaches, she's all of this

Respect is given when it is earned
love is given without a price
Admiration because of her walk
as a child of Jesus Christ

Simple in life, humble at heart
things that show her love
Gentle, merciful, non judgmental, caring
and pure as a snow white dove

I stand before you as your niece
I stand beside you as your friend
And I praise God we will be together
as we stand side by side in Canaan's Land

Thank you for being my aunt
and thank you for being my friend
I'll always be here for you too
from now until the end

June 8, 2010 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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My Aunt, My Friend

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