Straight To The Heart

God's Forever Years

I dedicate this to my special friend, Aunt Mary Lou

I believe I know you
and how you feel deep in your heart
I see inside of you
even when we are apart

Being your niece is an honor
but there's so much more to who we are
You are my aunt, you are my friend
you have a place deep in my heart

All my life you've been there
through the good times and the bad
And the memories that I cherish
they never make me sad

Now Mom has many sisters
of whom I love so very much
But you have a special place
inside my heart you touch

I love you more than words can say
God knows these words are true
Because He chose to make us family
and I thank Him for giving me you

Mary Lou you are so wonderful
you're my aunt and you're my friend
And I cherish you forever
from now until the end

One day we'll walk together
looking at the beauties of Jordan's shore
After we've met St. Peter
and he has led us through Heaven's door

We'll meet up with the family
oh, the reunion that will be
So many have gone on before us
so their mansions then we'll see

Jesus will one day greet us
He will welcome His sisters home
Then take us to His Father
for we will no longer roam

God will welcome us home, His children
He will wipe away our tears
Then we can spend eternity
rejoicing in God's forever years

July 2, 2010 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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God`s Forever Years

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