The Blessed

                         The Blessed    July 3, 2010

William Street where spirits meet, the word is still no retreat
Fourteen saints in heaven are with us and still walk that deadly street
The report from hell with a collusion smell lingered for many a year
Widgery's call was forced upon us, the cover up was clear
Irish people died as they walked the streets of death with a flag of white
Fourteen times the message came with a deadly sting on that awful night
Heavens door lost control as the martyrs found their place
At the side of God they took their place, blood still upon their face
The watchful eye from the gas yard wall, the town did not disgrace
With tear filled eyes and civil right cries, they remembered every face
We all know why our people died, we know about that civil disgrace
We pray for them now as we prayed for them then, we remember every face
The Gods have ruled a second time as the white wash comes to life
Good bye my Irish martyrs on William Street we'll meet
We'll embrace from a distance spiritually, so close without defeat
You will never be forgotten each and every one
Thirty-eight years later the report from hell is gone

           God bless the Bloody Sunday Martyrs

                        Gerrard McGeachy

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