once upon a time



Standing staring, at vast
Fields of flowers, you let your
Gaze focus on one solitary stem.
As if, in those vast fields, only one
Petal exists, and its reality is there
Only, for you

 Forgetting life is all around, engulfing everyone.
You focus, on that one stem one solitary petal,
It allows you, to let reality blow away, as the
Wind ripples across, these vast fields.
Thinking nothing, of all the lives locked away, in
Happiness or penury, let them into your heart,
Look upon the world with, wonder.

Hear each soft sigh, as the wind bends those,
Delicate stalks:- each lament, every shout of happiness.
Let each stem, each petal, become as one with you.
There in your mind decide, to help others through
Adversity, and in doing so, those vast fields
Of flowers shall, engulf your soul,
and you will find peace of mind

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