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 Dancing Feet

Live bands in the park every Thursday;
Songs sweet tones, causing me to sway.
Whenever music hits that certain beat;
My legs come alive with dancing feet.

Beach music lifts my heart and my soul;
The Rhodells to The Embers, let it roll.
The music drifts into the summer's heat;
Beach sounds quicken my dancing feet.

What Kinda Fool makes me smile inside;
Double Shot, now we are hitting our stride.
Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy, a Tam's treat;
I Love Beach Music, now watch my dancing feet.

Carolina Girls, This Old Heart of Mine;
Searchin, Just Give Me a Little More Time.
Myrtle Beach Days, My Girl, Sixty Minute Man;
Its party time with my dancing feet and a beer can.



ahhh... summertime and beach music... this is the life!

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